DIP2017: From ideas to possibilities (iWill Project) (TH/EN)

Having gained knowledge from the experts in various fields, Sintorn7 team transformed their ideas into prototypes. The facilitators provided consultation to the teams, unleashing their potential to create solutions that address the imminent aging society in the coming future.

Setting a direction to build a death management platform

After a decision to shift their focus to a debt relief app, the team interviewed people in microfinance, which provides basic financial services for low-income people, and found that it is not possible to measure actual income and expenses of the users. The team, thus, revisited the idea of an app to deal with death. This time the team focused on the paperwork needed after a death occurs, including official documents, death certificates, and documents needed in closing the bank accounts of the deceased. This app will inform users of what to do to manage the paperwork with the concerned agencies after a loved one passes away, making things simpler for the executor in this difficult time of grief. The data stored in the app can serve as important documents and assets, including real estates, credit card points, mileage, and collectibles such as books and guitars. The app aims to be a tool to manage documents and assets, featuring an option to manage a will (the team’s original idea).

Recommendation/ Tips

  • The app is further developed by applying service design to create appropriate touch points for users to access the features in the app, data forms, search buttons, data storage, photo/video capabilities, and alerts.
  • To continue in the right direction, the team must be clear on the app’s value so that gaps and opportunities can be pinpointed. To achieve this, the Business Model Canvas can be used to enable Team iWillProject to assess the value of their product and move forward in the right direction.

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