DIP2017: Presenting New Possibilities from Limitations (Sintorn7) (TH/EN)

The outcomes of the projects under the Designing Impact Program 2017, aimed at raising awareness and finding solutions for issues of an aging population, have resulted in innovations driving the society forward. From the first day that the four teams participated in this program to the Final Review, their ideas developed through the incubation process are presented to the juries, facilitators and ChangeFusion as our guest specialist on the 21st December 2017’s presentation.

The team centered their work on public furniture, aiming at creating public spaces in the community for the elderly. As finding from their research site finds that the government housing project ’s present common areas are insufficient, both in functionality and size, the main challenge is to build public furniture that fits into the areas and enable users to enjoy their time. The team began their work by studying the existing terrazzo stone benches that are in decay and analyzing them in-depth. They crunched numbers to obtain a suitable bench dimension for the elderly, built prototypes, and piloted them in the community. From that field research, they found that when using the furniture, the elderly need other accessories such as walking sticks, handrails, umbrellas, and small tables. To get to the bottom of the issue, Team Sintorn7 trailed the furniture with real users and themselves wearing old-age-simulator suits. The suit is comprised of a weight vest, knee and elbow pads, and glasses that make vision blurry. The results from these trials culminated in the prototypes of a cushion moldable to the body and a chair with a side table. The furniture is made of terrazzo stone to coincide with the perception of public furniture, with which Thai people are familiar.

Team Sintorn7 trailed the furniture with real users and themselves wearing old-age-simulator suits

In addition to the furniture, the team created a crowd-founding channel as a website called Faith for Fund to mobilize funding from the public who can upload their names to the investment platform. The website allows the partners and designers to select, guarantee, donate, and mobilize funding. It also shows projects pending assessment and projects in implementation. Each part of the furniture plays with traditional beliefs of Thai people such as the color of your birthday and the umbrella signifying peaceful living. Those who are interested can also propose an area or a community that are in need of the furniture for consideration on the site.


  • The design thinking from this team is very comprehensive. Not limited to furniture design, the team also includes a fundraising system, expanding the potential of the furniture from fostering interactions within the community to being desired by the public.
  • The furniture prototypes are results of the field research conducted in one housing community. In reality, each community may have different constraints. As designers, the team should create options with real-world applications as well as design more diverse assistive items.
  • There are business opportunities in this project. It can promote the manufacturing businesses, including furniture and terrazzo stone. It may even make terrazzo stones become popular again.

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