DIP2017: Presenting New Possibilities from Limitations (iWill Project) (TH/EN)

The outcomes of the projects under the Designing Impact Program 2017, aimed at raising awareness and finding solutions for issues of an aging population, have resulted in innovations driving the society forward. From the first day that the four teams participated in this program to the Final Review, their ideas developed through the incubation process are presented to the juries, facilitators and ChangeFusion as our guest specialist on the 21st December 2017’s presentation.

From a concept of a will management app, the team refined their ideas and arrived at a web app called LifeAlert, an assistant that helps you manage information about life and paperwork related to death. The website provides content videos to share experience and information through articles, photos, and videos, carefully organized to suit viewers of all ages. One of the categories on the website contains information on document management when a death occurs, which is easily accessible. Another category features businesses in the post-mortem services, including coffins, cremation, and mortuary makeup artists. In addition, the website has information about travel businesses to the must-visit-destinations for the living. Linking users to the funeral services, the LifeAlert platform was launched on the web and social media to be developed into a more comprehensive app in the future.

The most important thing for LifeAlert is to present the right content to the target audience, which is the 35-45 age group. The content must be presented in a friendly tone, easily accessible and understood. Its main goal is to provide content to drive changes in the society, building a channel to link businesses together, and connecting consumers to the manufacturers. Other additional options include showing key places during a trip such as hospitals and police stations; and Life Archive for storing important documents of registered users.


  • In terms of the design of the app or any media that involves important documents, one key issue that needs careful attention is data security, especially with personal information. As a provider, the team must be able to guarantee maximum security of user data while building trust since user’s first visit.
  • To stand out is a key advantage that will attract users. The recommendation for this team is to make the web app’s role clear. For example, its position is to be beyond a mere content website, but also a data manager that allows data to be exported in a file. Having a clear role may work to their advantage to find funding from the government or the private sector in the future.
  • Content related to death may be perceived negatively by Thai users. Therefore, the team should also present content about life and living, including travel in teenage years, marriage, and starting a family. In addition, talking about death in a friendly tone may make the topic seem less morbid and intimidating, familiarizing readers to be able to talk about it freely, which could prepare them to be ready to deal with death when it occurs.

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