Designing Impact Weekend: Summary of the ‘Life is Never Easy’ Talk

In Designing Impact Weekend, in addition to the workshop, discussion forums were held with some of the teams participating in the Designing Impact Program, including iWill Project. The team created a platform called LifeAlert, which manages important documents of every stage of your life, with the help of technology. Content includes how to live at the fullest before your last day arrives. The ‘Life is Never Easy’ Talk was facilitated by Wasita Kitpreecha from iWill Project, with two interesting speakers: Panu Burusrattanapan, an advising editor for Esquire Thailand, and Toffy Bradshaw, a writer for The Standard, who shared their life experiences as well as encounters to death.

LifeAlert is an application that provides a documentation management solution for every life stages: from birth, travel, illness, and death, to help you prepare for death in different stage of life. With legal significance, the app keeps your life organized and paperwork proper and in order. Panu commented that, on top of the document management function, the app serves as an assistant who helps you manage your life. For example, as a reminder to see your family on the last weekend of the month or to go to your other appointments. Toffy recognized its feature that goes beyond general functions to fulfill the emotional aspect. LifeAlert helps users realize the value and meaning of life, see the goodness in people close to them, be aware of life uncertainties, and get ready for when death comes knocking.

In addition, this forum received useful feedback from the audience in terms of readiness, such as certifications and assurances from government agencies or credible organizations who serve as a third party in verifying the legality of the uploaded documents. If this is achieved, LifeAlert will attract a large number of users, because it is suitable for all ages. Although in a prototype stage, the app has the potential to work well. Some audience inputted that the app should be able to connect with the accounts of family members or loved ones to allow users to share and manage data of their family members, with permissions to access personal information. Nonetheless, the app will need to have a secure system to promote its credibility among users.